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Send any announcements to Lisa Bompiani-Smith so that she can share our good news! - Thursday, March 31, 2016

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The purpose of GLEA is:

  • to promote the general educational welfare of the District and the State
  • to protect and advance the interests of its members
  • to foster the professional zeal of its members
  • to advance educational standards
  • to maintain helpful and friendly relationships with all individuals and organizations interested in education


* Until EdWeb becomes recognized as an Act 48 provider by our state, Robin will grant us those Act 48 hours via mylearningplan.  


Here's what you need to do:  
When submitting for approval of a webinar from Edweb (or other venues that do NOT provide Act 48 hours) be sure to check the box titled "Act 48 hours" on mylearningplan.  This will ensure that you receive them from the district.  
Once EdWeb becomes a provider you will no longer check that Act 48 box in mylearningplan.  
So sign up for for free and enjoy the community of connected educators. :)


* Review the Flexshop GLSDFlexshopGuidelines2015 (1).pdf Guidelines if there are any questions.  Remember, the District is not responsible for providing the flexshops.  The cut-off date has been changed to May 27th.  If someone has not completed all 12 hours by that date, they must finish the hours on the extended days following June 6th. 

* PSEA members are encouraged to check out Member Benefits through the union. Go to and register if you have not done so already! 

* Members who need Act 48 hours and opportunities for professional development should check out  PSEA provides valuable opportunities for learning that members can complete at their own time and pace.  

* PSEA Communications Director David Broderic wants to use member selfies and stories to promote PSEA.  He is requesting that members send selfies and information to him at  Members should include a selfie and a two or three paragraph summary on "How PSEA came in and helped, supported, advocated, or battled for me, my family, my colleagues, my school, and/or my profession." 

* EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT -- after 14 years, NCLB is finally close to an end.  The ESSA act is currently in legislature, and gives relief from the NCLB madness. Please see this flyer in order to find out how and why this is an act that educators can get behind. 


*  Contact Lisa Bompiani-Smith with requests for cards and be sure to include addresses.  We send sympathy cards for immediate family or special cases, as well as cards to welcome babies.

*  Greater Latrobe was recently ranked 57th out of 687 schools in the state as far as value of education.  Nationally, the District was ranked 1, 915 out of 21, 035 schools for value of education.  In both cases, the district landed in the top 10%.  Way to go!!!  Without our members' hard work and dedication, this recognition would not be possible.  The rankings are provided by US News and World Report. The entire rankings and information are available at:

* PSEA would like each building to have a contact person for political action calls to action and information dissemination, in addition, GLEA would like Facilitators at each building, those people who will go to members face-to-face in order to share business and build fellowship.  So far, the Senior High School and Mt. View have identified such people.  If interested, please contact Dank Krack or a building rep. 

* The law firm of Yablonski, Costello, and Leckie still offers will for PSEA members at a discount of 30%.  Members should call the law firm and ask for Kelly Johnson.  A questionnaire is sent out, wills written, and the member must make an appointment for the Washington office in order to finalize the will.  Notaries are on site, so a one-time visit is all that is necessary.  Call 724-225-9130.  The firm is a PSEA approved partner.   

* Just a reminder:  Emails are archived for one year.  Please exercise discretion if accessing personal email accounts from school.  If it is on the server, it can be disclosed. 

* Since a record of remaining sick days are no longer printed on paychecks, please be sure to keep the letter sent to all employees around October 15th stating your step, sick days, etc.  This is the only paper trail of those days!  Also, be sure to check that the total on the letter matches the total in Aesop.  

Chamber News

* Each building receives two copies of the Chamber Newsletter that can be posted.  GLEA members are able to attend Chamber events and take advantage of Chamber opportunities.


* Trauma-Informed Instruction was the topic of the second critical issues session at the PSEA House of Delegates.  The session was informative and gave eye-opening information about the causes behind students' behavior.  Read the document prepared by the Education Law Center entitled "Unlocking the Door to Learning" for more information.  

* Do you know someone who has made exceptional contributions to education? Consider nominated him/her for a Celebrating Excellence Award.  Visit to find out more!

* As PSEA members, we are able to find and save money on countless deals through the Member Benefits programs.  Please check out the PSEA Member Benefits page to sign up for email updates and explore the options.  Also, this flyer has basic information, too. Also, NEA offers benefits, too, and can be found at  

* PSEA offers online courses that are free and satisfy Act 48 Credit and Chapter 14 hours.  Please visit for more information.

* Click on the attached links for PSEA Guidelines regarding the new Childline Reporting Procedures.  Individual pages because of site size restrictions.

* Greensburg Salem settled a contract for one year.  Their negotiations continue.  The GSEA has a website,  

* Officers are:  President, Jason Davis from Penn Trafford; Vice President, Joe Steeves from Kiski Area; Treasurer, Megan Danilko from Norwin; Secretary, Gretchen Weiers from Ligonier Valley.  

* An EAP is being established through the consortium, and it will be available to all of us in the same way that the program the District has provided is available.  

* Interested in more talk about union business?  Then tune in to The Union Edge, the only nationally syndicated talk radio.  Retired Director of Organizing Butch Santicola broadcasts during the "Education Watchdog" three Thursdays of every month from 1:30-2:00 p.m.  Online, stream live from 12-3 p.m. weekdays, daily.  On the dial, weekdays 12-4 p.m. WKFB 770 AM and 97.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA. 


*  How it all works ---- NEA to PSEA to WEC to GLEA

*  Your PSEA region is SOUTHWESTERN

*  If you have a problem or concern:

  • Talk to your building rep. immediately -- don't be embarrassed.
  • If your building rep. cannot resolve the problem, he/she will contact an officer.
  • The officers will work to find an answer or resolution.
  • If the officers cannot resolve the problem, the president will contact our PSEA Uniserv rep., Lori Stripay.

*  Remember -- we're all in this together!

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